• Services

    You have an idea for an app or a website. Then what? Is it possible and how much would it cost you? In a 1 – 2 hour conversation Pick my Brain analyzes what you need. You’ll go home with a clear image of the costs and possibilities and a plan how to realize your idea.

    Requirements analysis
    A successful project starts with good specifications. These contain all functional requirements, wishes and limitations and are composed in continuous contact with the customer and the developer. The document is written in clear language readable for all parties involved and forms the basis of the project.

    Scrum Product Owner
    The role of Product Owner in Scrum projects is often underestimated. The customer has too little technical knowledge and time to fulfil this role. The development team doesn’t know what the customer wants. Pick my Brain is experienced in fulfilling the Product Owner role, as the link between the customer and the Scrum team.

    Pick my Brain regularly speaks at events on several subjects:
    – From idea to IT: how do I do that?
    – The Strain of Scrum and Specs
    – Cooperating with different cultures (e.g. China, Thailand)